How Federal Bail Bonds Differ From Local Bonds

If you are arrested on federal criminal charges, the crime is generally worse, and the penalty, if you are convicted, is going to be higher. Federal bail bonds are also different than a state bond because of the severity of the charges that go with them. Understanding the difference is essential if you are charged with a federal crime. Bail Percentage Fees Most bail bond companies have a fee of about ten percent of the bond to process your paperwork, post your bail, and get you out of jail.

3 Tips For Ordering Case File Jackets For Your New Law Firm

There are many steps that have to be taken when you are opening your own law firm, including the process of ordering supplies. For example, you need to order case file jackets for your new business. Remember these three things when it's time to order these supplies. 1. Consider Going With a General Format Although you might have a pretty good idea of the types of cases that you want to take on with your new law firm, you might not be totally sure of the type of client base that you will attract.

An Overview Of Aggravated DUI

DUI charges are not created equal; the charges exist in various forms. One of these is aggravated DUI; a brief overview of this is given below. What It Means An aggravated DUI charge is a DUI charge that the authorities consider more serious than normal DUI. The seriousness of aggravated DUI charges is likely to lead to harsher sentences upon conviction than normal DUI charges. Aggravating Factors The aggravating factors are the things that can elevate your DUI charges from normal charges to aggravated charges.

Elements Of And Defenses To Statutory Rape

If you are facing statuary rape charges, you need to understand the nature of your crime and defend it to the best of your ability. Getting convicted of a sexual crime can have a huge effect on your life. Below is an overview of the elements of this charge and the potential defenses you can use. Elements The elements of a crime are the things the prosecution needs to prove to convict you of the crime.

Shake Up Your Divorce Living Arrangements

When it comes to the family home, divorce has a tendency to disrupt things for the entire family. Children may not be happy in a new neighborhood and financial issues may plague the spouses forced to seek other accommodations. Fortunately, there are alternatives to the traditional way of handling a home during divorce. Read on to find out more. Traditional Choices For a long time, divorcing couples had only a few choices when dealing with the family home.