Have You And Your Dog Sustained Injuries In A Car Accident? How To Get The Compensation You Both Deserve

If you have been involved in a car accident and your dog was riding with you, you may be wondering how to pay his or her vet bills for the injuries he or she sustained in the accident. If you were severely injured and are unable to work since the accident, you may not have the money to pay your dog's vet. Learn more about how you can get the compensation you and your dog deserve after a serious car accident.

Four Of The Most Common Threats To A Nursing License

Just as with any other professional license, a nursing license can be taken away. But there are more ways to lose your nursing license than you might think. Not all of them are directly involved with your professional conduct or how you work. A professional license attorney can give more direction if you are concerned. 1. Drug Addiction Drug addiction can be considered both a psychological and physical illness. Because of this, nurses who have a drug addiction but are in a management program will not lose their license.

Moving On With Your Life Begins With A Great Divorce Party!

Divorces can be a long, painful process that leaves many feeling sad and disappointed. Don't let your divorce define you or derail your future; throw yourself a great divorce party! These are becoming a popular way to move past the heartbreak of divorce and get a fresh start. Some tips for throwing a great divorce party and moving past your break-up include the following. Wait until the dust settles.

Can First-Time Offenders Avoid Having a Criminal Record?

In most cases, legal forms of punishment like a jail sentence or probation are not intended to be permanent. However, even minor crime convictions come with one very permanent effect: a criminal record. Your criminal record follows you for the rest of your life, and it can prevent you from getting jobs, renting apartments, being accepted to universities, and other things that can seriously impact your ability to succeed in life.

2 Ways To Help Your Child Custody Case

If you are a divorced parent who is worried that your ex-spouse may be neglecting or abusing your child, you may want to start seeking full custody of your child and limit the amount of visitation that they get. However, you can't just arbitrarily make the decision to take custody or stop visitation. If you don't send your child to their other parent when they are supposed to go, then you can end up in trouble.