Avoiding Motorcycle Accidents: Tips To Stay Safe

In 2012, motorcyclists were 5 times more likely than automobile drivers to be injured in accidents, and 26 times more likely to die. Motorcyclists must follow specific safety rules or put everything at risk. These tips will help you stay safe as you ride your motorcycle. 

Stay Visible

Wear reflective clothing, especially in times of bad weather or low lighting. Keep your headlight on whenever you drive, regardless of whether or not it's daylight. 

Assume Automobile Drivers Don't See You Anyway

Many automobile drivers spend their time on the road scanning for other cars, and miss motorcycles altogether. Although you may be be wearing brightly colored clothing and you may have your headlight on at all times, you should always assume that automobile drivers on the road can't see you on your motorcycle, and act accordingly. This means that drivers in cars may switch lanes suddenly and may swerve to avoid road hazards. Give cars a wide berth whenever possible. 

Avoid Sudden Acceleration

Motorcycles are better at accelerating and achieve faster speeds more easily than cars. As a result, many automobile drivers won't anticipate sudden acceleration from a motorcycle, and that can lead to accidents. 

Proceed Carefully Over Road Hazards

Motorcycles are much more likely to be thrown off balance by roadway hazards than automobiles. Don't use automobiles as an example of how fast you can safely drive over a hazard like a pothole or railroad tracks. Whenever possible, avoid hazards altogether by driving around them. When driving over railroad tracks, drive with the tires exactly perpendicular to the train tracks. 

Anticipate the Weather

Poor weather conditions can cause roadways to become more slippery and dangerous for motorcyclists. In addition, cold winter weather can lead to a host of physical problems like hypothermia and frostbite. For motorcyclists taking long trips out of the Fort Lauderdale area and into more northern climates, there may be a variety of differences in the weather patterns that can make riding difficult, if not impossible.

Anticipate the weather conditions at your destination, and along the route, and dress accordingly. Bring layers of clothes to put on or take off as the temperatures climb and drop. 

Take Riding Classes

Take professional riding classes, either individual lessons or in a group setting, to learn the basic rules of handling your bike. With professional training, you will be better able to avoid accidents and injuries.

If you are injured in a motorcycle accident, you'll need a skilled lawyer to protect your rights and get the compensation you deserve. Contact an auto accident attorney in your community with an excellent reputation.