Three Things That Will Prevent You From Recovering Your Cash Or Property From Bail

Bailing a family member out of jail is serious business. There are almost as many risks to bail as there are to playing the stock market. Still, if you think you know the family member well enough to know what your real risks are, you can take that chance. Before you do, you should also know that there are three things that will prevent you from recovering your cash or property.

Do You Need To Modify Your Custody Arrangements So You Can Move? 3 Questions You Should Be Prepared To Answer

Making a long-distance move is always stressful. However, it can become even more stressful when children are involved, especially if there's a custody order in place. If you're planning a long-distance move, and you have a custody arrangement with your child's parent, you'll need to take them into consideration before you finalize your plans. In fact, you'll need to get the approval of the family law judge before you'll be allowed to legally move with your child.

Avoiding Crashes On Unfamiliar Roads

Driving on an unfamiliar road is more dangerous than driving on roads you are used to. Therefore, the next time you are hitting a road you have never driven on, take the following measures to reduce your risk of a crash: Research the Route Beforehand Get rid of some of the unfamiliarity by researching the area before hitting the road. There are lots of online resources, such as Google Maps, you can use for this.

The Benefits Of Having A Lawyer Look Over A Divorce Settlement Agreement

If you and your spouse are looking to settle your divorce amicably and quickly, you may be drawing up your own settlement agreement. However, even if you both agree on everything, there are many benefits to having a lawyer look over the settlement before it gets filed with the courts and your divorce is finalized. Here are a few of the benefits of having a family law lawyer take a look at a settlement agreement before filing it.

When a Bequest From a Will Goes Missing

Almost everyone understands the importance of making out a will as part of an estate plan, but few people ever realize how equally important it is to follow up on that will. As time passes, your life will inevitably go through changes that could affect the bequests of your original will you created years ago. When you forget to update that will, your loved ones could be facing a situation known as ademption.