Shake Up Your Divorce Living Arrangements

When it comes to the family home, divorce has a tendency to disrupt things for the entire family. Children may not be happy in a new neighborhood and financial issues may plague the spouses forced to seek other accommodations. Fortunately, there are alternatives to the traditional way of handling a home during divorce. Read on to find out more. Traditional Choices For a long time, divorcing couples had only a few choices when dealing with the family home.

Were Charged with DWI Marijuana? Here's How Your Defense Attorney Might Help

Although driving under the influence of alcohol is a fairly clear-cut charge, driving under the influence of marijuana is a much more complicated case for prosecutors to prove in court. This is largely due to the fact that there simply aren't any definitive tests to determine exactly how high you were when pulled over. Additionally, even in states where both recreational and medicinal cannabis is legal, there are still no guidelines for what constitutes how much cannabis consumption actually impairs driving.

How Auto Accident Lawyers Determine Fault

Did you know that the location of damage on your vehicle has a lot to do with the determination of fault in your car accident? Determining fault is the process of determining who will be responsible to pay for damages after an accident. If you are not at fault for the accident, you may be owed compensation for damages, injuries, and other expenses. Not sure who is at fault for an accident?

What You Need To Know About Mental Injuries And Workers' Compensation Claims

Injuries within the workplace can leave you without the ability to perform your job duties successfully. Employees are entitled to financial benefits as they seek treatment for any injuries that occurred while they were on the job. Physical injuries are fairly common when it comes to compensation claims, but mental injuries can also occur in the workplace. Learn more about your options if you believe your work environment is interfering with your mental well-being.

What Doctors Look For During Independent Medical Examination

In some personal injury cases, the relevant insurance company may feel that your doctor's testimony is not enough to prove your injury-related damages. In such a case, the insurance company may order for an independent medical evaluation. Below are some of the things the independent medical examiner will look out for during the evaluation. Appearance An experienced doctor can tell a lot merely by examining your physical appearance. The color of your eyes, the way you walk, and your range of motion are some of the things the doctor will use to judge your appearance.