The Effects Of Bankruptcy On Creditor Harassment

While there are many signs that can help you know if you should turn to bankruptcy, one common sign is creditor harassment. Are your creditors on your back all the time for the money you owe them? Are you tired of not being able to answer your phone? Do you wish this creditor harassment would end? If so, filing for bankruptcy offers a way to make this happen. After filing, creditor harassment will end, and here are a few things to understand about this.

Steps That You Should Take To Avoid Accidentally Tattooing A Minor

When you work as a tattoo artist, there are several steps that you have to carefully take to avoid legal issues. One step is to always ensure that your tattooing equipment is sterilized so that you don't give any client an infection, for example. You also need to be aware of your state's laws regarding tattooing a minor. In many states, those under the age of 18 can get tattoos, but they need consent from their parent or guardian.

4 Signs You Need To Contact A Medical Leave Attorney

The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is a federal law that permits qualifying employees to take lengthy periods of time off to tend to their own or a family member's medical needs. Typically, you can take your leave all at once or in chunks so that the leave satisfies your needs. In some cases, an employer may deny your rightful leave, either due to ignorance or willful violation of the law.

A Practical Guide To Estate Planning

Creating an estate plan is an excellent way to make sure that all of your assets are protected during your lifetime, and that those assets are properly allocated to your heirs after you pass away. Here's a practical guide to estate planning that you can use to make sure that estate plan successfully comes into fruition: Take Stock of Your Inventory One of the first things you'll have to do when creating an estate plan for yourself is take stock of all your inventory.

Three Problems Associated With Not Wearing A Motorcycle Helmet During An Accident

Wearing a motorcycle helmet is the law in many states, but protecting yourself in this way is always a smart idea wherever you're riding. If you're in a motorcycle accident and aren't wearing a helmet, the immediate concern is that your probability of sustaining a serious injury is significantly higher. There are some additional problems that you might not have considered, however, and they relate to how you might fare when you hire an attorney and pursue a case against the other motorist involved in your accident.