2 Reasons To Hire An Attorney For A Slip And Fall Case

Personal injury lawyers are going to be one of the best resources at your disposal if you have been injured due to a fall on someone else's property. A slip and fall case usually consists of someone becoming injured when he or she is falls and is injured due to the negligence of a property owner. A personal injury attorney can help you with a slip and fall case by proving that the property owner was being negligent and by looking for signs of recent repairs.

Proving Negligence

One of the most important things that your attorney will do to help you with this kind of case is to visit the site of the accident in order to see if there are any obvious signs of negligence. For example, you attorney is going to look for poor lighting conditions, unsafe stairs, and damaged walkways.

In addition, your attorney will interview people who live in the area where the accident occurred in order to see if the property owner has a history of being negligent. A history of negligence can include anything from signs not being posted when the floor has recently been mopped, to not clearing the entryway of any snow or ice. 

The reason that your attorney will be trying to prove that the property owner was being negligent is that many property owners will attempt to shift blame to the victim in order to avoid paying for your medical bills and other possible penalties. The property owner will often try to say that the victim of the accident only slipped and fell because he or she was not paying attention, and that a reasonable person who was paying attention to his or her surrounding would not have fallen. However, this tactic is unlikely to work if your attorney can prove that the property owner has often been negligent in the past.

Signs Of Recent Repairs

Your attorney is also going to be looking for any signs that the property owner has recently performed repairs. The reason for this is that a property owner may try to cover up that the accident happened by repairing whatever caused the accident. For example, if you slipped and fell due to damaged stairs, the property owner may try to repair the stairs and install a handrail to make it look like the accident was not due to his or her negligence. 

This is very important, mostly because if the property owner can convince the court that nothing was wrong with his or her property and that no negligence was involved, then you could end up not receiving any money. As a result, you would have to pay all of your own medical expenses, even though your injuries and the accident were not your fault.

Speak to a personal injury attorney today in order to discuss your case. An attorney can help you increase the chances of winning your case by attempting to prove that the property owner has a history of negligence. In addition, the attorney can prevent the property owner from covering up the accident by investigating the scene for signs of recent repairs.