3 Advantages of Hiring a Slip-and-Fall Attorney

Most people don't think of sidewalks and supermarkets as dangerous places, but all it takes is a small, slippery patch of ground and a hard, unforgiving surface to put people in the hospital. Several slip and fall accidents happen every year around the country, and though some are due simply to inclement weather, many more are the responsibility of negligent property owners. If you end up in the hospital as the result of a slip and fall accident, it's best to contact a slip and fall attorney right away. Here are three reasons to hire an attorney specializing in slip and fall accidents.

Evidence and Documentation

One of the most important aspects of any slip and fall case is the evidence provided in court that proves the negligence of the property owner directly contributed to the injury sustained by the plaintiff. Without a lawyer, it might prove especially difficult to obtain evidence such as public video camera footage. Furthermore, an experienced attorney can document all available evidence provided by the defendant's legal team, and advise you accordingly on your case. It's important to gather evidence as early as possible after the accident in question, so don't hesitate to contact a slip and fall attorney immediately.

Evaluation of Claims

Once the evidence has been gathered, attorneys can help you evaluate whatever claims you might have based on the nature of the evidence and legal precedent in prior cases. Without the expert knowledge provided by attorneys, most individuals have no idea the compensation their claims entitle them to, and as such, may find themselves seeking too little or settling the case outside of court.

Insurance Company Negotiations

Slip and fall attorneys know how to deal with insurance companies, and it's a good thing too--insurance companies are out to make a profit by awarding you the smallest settlement possible. Dealing with the legal headaches that might arise from negotiating with insurance companies is bad enough as it is, and it's certainly an unwanted hassle if you're recuperating in the hospital. Having an experienced attorney by your side to deal with insurance companies is one of the primary advantages of legal representation in slip and fall cases. Plus, because most slip and fall lawyers work on a percentage of the final settlement, there's no extra legal fees involved in having to deal with insurance companies outside the courthouse. For more information, talk to a lawyer like Putnam Lieb.