How a Lawyer Can Help You Contest an Unfair Divorce

Did your spouse file for a divorce and does not want to leave you with any money? You can end up in a long battle if you don't hire a lawyer to help you argue your case in court. Here is what a lawyer can do to help you contest an unfair divorce, as well as what you might have to pay for the help.

How Can a Lawyer Help with a Divorce Settlement?

At the beginning of your case, your lawyer will ask you questions about why the marriage came to an end. He or she will need you to be completely honest about any of your wrongs, as a marital affair on your part can limit what you are eligible for in the divorce settlement. You can trust that all words spoken between you and your lawyer will be kept confidential.

Your lawyer will also make sure there isn't a prenuptial agreement that you are bound to. If there was a prenuptial agreement signed, it must be honored in court. Your lawyer will also ask you about the duration of your relationship with your spouse. A short marriage may interfere with the percentage of money that you can get. However, it is likely that you can get an equal portion of the marital assets if you were married for a sufficient amount of time.

A lawyer can also help you reach a divorce settlement with your spouse in a faster amount of time. For instance, he or she may speak to your spouse about discussing the situation through mediation instead of court. If your spouse agrees to mediation, your divorce can be final as fast as it is allowed in your state. Keep in mind that there may be limits as to when the divorce can be finalized if there are any children involved in the case.

What Does It Cost for a Lawyer to Assist with a Divorce Settlement?

You are looking to pay an estimated minimum of at least $10,000 plus for a lawyer to handle your divorce settlement. However, you can end up pay as much as $50,000 plus if you are dealing with a spouse who refuses to cooperate. The exact amount will depend on how many hours the lawyer has to put into your case, such as investigating, researching, and gathering evidence. Speak to a divorce attorney to get the help you need for a fair divorce settlement.