Four Ways For Small Business Owners To Prevent Falling Accidents On Their Property

When you're running a small business, your finances are often tight. The last thing you need is for a customer visiting your property to slip and fall and file a personal injury lawsuit against you. While hiring an experienced attorney can help, the reality is that you could still be in for a lengthy legal proceeding that can take away from your ability to smoothly run your business. It's impossible to successfully prevent all injuries, but there are a number of steps that you can take to reduce the likelihood of someone falling on your property. Here are four ideas to put into place.

Use "Slippery Floor" Signs When Necessary

Whether there's been an overflow in the bathroom, a water spill on a smooth tile floor or melting snow around the inside of your door during the winter, it's important to clean up these messes in a timely manner. Even when you've mopped the floor, it can remain slightly wet and slippery -- in this case, it's smart to invest in a "Slippery Floor" sign that you can place in the middle of the wet area to alert people to the floor's condition.

Organize The Workplace Properly

Tripping hazards can easily lead to a fall and a personal injury suit against you, so it's smart to ensure that your workplace is as easy to navigate as possible. The manner in which you organize the space depends partly on the nature of your business. If you have a small store, for example, don't pile excess products on the floor, as people can easily trip over them. If this means having less stock on display, it could be a small price to pay to save you from an injury suit.

Clearly Identify Floor Changes

When you have a small step or a ramp in your workplace, you need to be sure that customers will identify the change in the floor to avoid taking a misstep and falling. Brightly colored reflective tape at the edge of each step or at the top of the ramp can make sure people notice the floor, while rubber non-stick coating on stairs can also reduce the risk of a slip and fall.

Ensure All Areas Are Properly Lit

Dark or shadowy areas can pose a fall hazard for some customers, so make sure that you have enough light in each area of your workplace. Deal with burnt-out lights promptly and don't hesitate to hire a commercial electrician to upgrade any fixtures if you find that they're not putting out enough light. Visit for more information.