2 Ways To Help Your Child Custody Case

If you are a divorced parent who is worried that your ex-spouse may be neglecting or abusing your child, you may want to start seeking full custody of your child and limit the amount of visitation that they get. However, you can't just arbitrarily make the decision to take custody or stop visitation. If you don't send your child to their other parent when they are supposed to go, then you can end up in trouble. But, you can go to a lawyer and get them to file for custody for you. There are some things that you can do to help your lawyer with your case.

Document Everything

One of the most important things you can do is document every single thing that happens. Get yourself a notebook and a pen and start writing down times and dates of phone calls as well as a summary of what was said. Save all emails-- in fact, if you have your lawyer's email address, you can BCC them on all emails between you and your former spouse so that they will have a copy as well. Save all text messages. If your child is old enough, give them a pen and notebook and have them write down what happened while they were with the other parent. You should keep the notebook at your home because the other parent may take the notebook. 

Take Pictures

You should take pictures of your child before they see their other parent as well as when they get back. You should especially photograph any bruises or injuries that your child may suffer. Having photographic proof of what happened is going to make your case much stronger when it comes to court. That's because your former spouse will have a harder time saying that something didn't happen. Have your child hold up a current paper when you take their picture. It may seem cheesy, but doing that will show what date it is. It's harder to dispute what happened on what day if there is proof of the date. If you have a girl and you need to take pictures of an injury under her shirt, think about having her wear a swimming suit top so that she is still covered but the injury is uncovered. It may make her feel more comfortable about the process. 

Being a parent is hard. Being divorced and co-parenting is even harder, especially if you are worried that your child is being neglected or hurt. Your child custody lawyer can help you get custody, and you can help strengthen their case.