Moving On With Your Life Begins With A Great Divorce Party!

Divorces can be a long, painful process that leaves many feeling sad and disappointed. Don't let your divorce define you or derail your future; throw yourself a great divorce party! These are becoming a popular way to move past the heartbreak of divorce and get a fresh start.

Some tips for throwing a great divorce party and moving past your break-up include the following.

Wait until the dust settles.

The underlying reason for a divorce party is to celebrate the end of the often-painful process of divorce, so don't plan it too early. When you get your final decree from your attorney, then it is time to begin planning your divorce party. You may even want to make this the time to burn your marriage license, as a symbolic gesture, during the festivities.

Give the guest list some thought.

Think carefully about who to invite to your divorce party and use some basic etiquette when it comes to the guest list. Don't invite the current beau, or your ex, or everyone on your original wedding guest list. Not everyone will understand the symbolic nature and good fun of a divorce party, so keep it to your closest friends and family members that will keep it lighthearted and help celebrate your new beginning.

You definitely deserve a drink.

Create a signature drink for your divorce party with a clever name to commemorate the occasion. Choose a concoction that you enjoy and that you can easily whip-up in pitchers or batches, so you aren't tending bar all night for your guests. Give it a quirky name, like 'the pre-nup' or 'no-more-mother-in-law', and post your signature drink on a chalkboard or sign for friends to get a laugh while they whet their whistle.

Don't forget the cake.

A cake is the perfect, fun detail that you should have as a centerpiece at your divorce party. There are some really clever and creative divorce cakes found online that you can use for inspiration. Another great idea is to skip the carbs and use your final divorce papers (or a copy of them) to create an origami-style centerpiece to get a laugh out of everyone in attendance!

Go ahead and throw yourself a great divorce party! Why not celebrate the closing of this chapter as you begin a new one in your life? Use these tips to help pull-off a fun and lighthearted celebration as you move on after your divorce.