Have You And Your Dog Sustained Injuries In A Car Accident? How To Get The Compensation You Both Deserve

If you have been involved in a car accident and your dog was riding with you, you may be wondering how to pay his or her vet bills for the injuries he or she sustained in the accident. If you were severely injured and are unable to work since the accident, you may not have the money to pay your dog's vet. Learn more about how you can get the compensation you and your dog deserve after a serious car accident.

Hiring An Attorney Is Your First Step

You may wonder how you could possibly afford an attorney when you are not able to work and you have yours and your dog's medical bills to pay. You should know that car accident attorneys get paid when you win your case against the other driver's insurance company, so no money is required up front. As soon as you are able after a car accident, contact an attorney so he or she can begin gathering details about your case. Keep in mind that if the other driver's insurance contacts you, never tell them any details aside from your contact information. Your attorney will do all the talking with the other driver's insurance company and will also take care of the negotiations for any deserved monetary compensation. Having an attorney working as your advocate can help to reduce your levels of stress, allowing you time to heal and care for your injured canine companion.

Why You Can Get Compensation For Your Dog's Injuries

Your dog is considered your property. If he or she is injured while in your car during an accident and another driver is at fault, that driver's insurance company is responsible for the damage done to your property, the dog included. Your attorney can explain in greater detail about the kind of compensation he or she will try to win for you and how some it can be applied to the veterinarian care your dog may need for making a full recovery.

How They Determine Your Compensation

The severity of your injuries and the level of damage done to your property determine how much money you will be awarded as compensation. For example, if your injuries will include long-term issues that could keep you from working for a long time, you may be awarded more than if your injuries were forecast to heal over a period of a few months. Your dog's injuries will be figured by how much the vet bill adds up to.

A serious car accident can turn your world upside down. By having an attorney on your side, you can relax and know you are in good hands with appropriate legal representation. To discover more on compensation for your pet's bills, contact local professionals.