The Benefits Of Having A Lawyer Look Over A Divorce Settlement Agreement

If you and your spouse are looking to settle your divorce amicably and quickly, you may be drawing up your own settlement agreement. However, even if you both agree on everything, there are many benefits to having a lawyer look over the settlement before it gets filed with the courts and your divorce is finalized. Here are a few of the benefits of having a family law lawyer take a look at a settlement agreement before filing it. 

A Lawyer Can Ensure the Agreement is Not One-Sided

One of the benefits of using a lawyer to look over a divorce settlement is that the lawyer can tell you what you would legally be entitled to and whether the agreement may be one-sided. Once the agreement is filed with the court and finalized, it cannot be taken back if you realize that you were entitled to more than you agreed to. When an attorney looks over the agreement, they can tell you if it is fair or if it is lopsided. 

An Attorney Can Verify the Agreement is Legal

Another key benefit to having a divorce lawyer look over your divorce settlement agreement is that they can ensure that the agreement is legally binding. If there are items in there that are not legal or if the correct wording is not used, the courts may reject the agreement. This delays your divorce. If you are looking to get it over with as quickly as possible, having a lawyer look over the agreement helps them to catch mistakes or minor issues that may cause the agreement to be rejected. 

A Lawyer Will Make Sure Nothing Was Left Out

The last benefit to having a lawyer look over your divorce settlement is that the lawyer will ensure that nothing was left out. When you make your own divorce agreement, you may forget to include certain items or it may not even cross your mind to list those items. A lawyer will ensure that everything, including debt and assets, are listed and that commonly overlooked items are not left out. 

If you are looking to quickly end your marriage, you and your spouse may be able to hash out an agreement on your own. But this does not mean that you still should not utilize family law services. A divorce lawyer can take a look at your settlement agreement and ensure that it is one-sided, that it is legal and that nothing was left out of the agreement. This all helps to ensure that everything goes smoothly and you can both move on with your lives.