Three Things That Will Prevent You From Recovering Your Cash Or Property From Bail

Bailing a family member out of jail is serious business. There are almost as many risks to bail as there are to playing the stock market. Still, if you think you know the family member well enough to know what your real risks are, you can take that chance. Before you do, you should also know that there are three things that will prevent you from recovering your cash or property. It is important to be in the know when you are looking to post bail or secure a bail bond from reputable and licensed bail bonds services.

Paying Cash in Full to the Court

If you can manage it, paying cash bail in full to the court is really the best route. It is the only instance where you will get all of your money back. The one exception to this rule is when your relative gets arrested again while out on bail. Then the court seizes all of the money you paid for bail and you do not get that back.

Securing a Surety Bond

A surety bond is a bail bond you purchase from a bail bondsperson. It is usually a fraction of the total amount of bail set by the courts. In return, the bail bondsperson guarantees and ensures (hence, surety bond) that your family member makes it to court for the next hearing. You do not get any of the money you paid for the surety bond back, even after the family member attends court because this is the fee the bondsperson takes for his or her services.

Securing a Property Bond

A property bond is the riskiest of all. A bondsperson offers this type of bond because many people have no substantial income or cash flow at the time of the arrest and arraignment. Essentially, you secure this type of bond with your home, your car, or something else of high value. As long as your family member shows up to court, the lien placed against your property for bond is lifted. If your family member skips town and is nowhere to be found, the courts seize your property and you do not get it back.

Decide What You Are Willing to Part with for Bail

Regardless of your trust in your family member to show up for hearings, you should still approach the matter of bail bonds in a very sensible way. Knowing of how you can lose the money or property will help you evaluate your decision and help you decide what you are willing to part with. If cash seems the least painful option, then paying bail in full or securing a surety bond is your best bet. 

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