Hire An Immigration Attorney With Green Card Services To Represent You

There are quite a few changes being requested by the current government here in the United States regarding immigrants and their immigration status. You need to be vigilant when it comes to your immigration status even if you're a green card services holder. Changes are being made that you may not understand. Your best choice is to hire an immigration attorney whose specialty is green card services. Know your rights and particularly so when your status falls distinctly under Temporary Protected Status (TPS).

Temporary Protected Status

If you are from specific countries like Haiti, Honduras, El Salvador, and Nepal among other countries, under TPS you have the right to claim protection from those countries. You also get the privilege to qualify for work authorization and temporary protection from removal. Somewhere within that law, you can, however, be terminated from this protection at any time following a 60 days' notice. Your attorney will further explain this law to you.

You Must Apply For TPS

You are eligible for TPS only if you've applied for permanent residence that is lawful. You'll be inspected, paroled, or admitted into this country and given an immigrant visa immediately. If you try to enter without inspection, you're automatically not eligible to receive permanent and lawful residence.

Immediate Relative Petition

Some states allow you to become eligible for TPS based on an immediate relative petition, which your attorney can legally take advantage of in your favor. The 6th and 9th Circuits stipulate that TPS is an admission that gives you the right to an adjustment of your status, even though you entered the United States without inspection.

Split In Circuit Courts Decision

The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals does not adopt the 6th and 9th Circuit Courts ruling and essentially doesn't agree that you should be given entry into America without inspection. So, in southern states like Georgia, Alabama, and Florida, you simply will not obtain immediate permanent resident status.

Advanced Parole Entry

Your attorney, however, can further pursue a lawful alternative adjustment of status and apply for advanced parole for you to reenter this country lawfully. So, it is possible that you will, through advanced parole, gain entry without inspection. This arrangement works well when you cannot gain immediate entry, and you don't have an immediate relative to help you gain the status you need. The advanced arrangement is the best option for those of you who also really cannot live outside of the 6th and 9th Circuits as required by that district ruling.

File For Adjustment Status

Take immediate advantage of the adjustment of status option before the government takes steps to end TPS for a number of countries. This ongoing issue could eventually reach the United States Supreme Court for a ruling, and Supreme Court rulings can be unpredictable. Hire a green card services attorney to represent you.