The Effects Of Bankruptcy On Creditor Harassment

While there are many signs that can help you know if you should turn to bankruptcy, one common sign is creditor harassment. Are your creditors on your back all the time for the money you owe them? Are you tired of not being able to answer your phone? Do you wish this creditor harassment would end? If so, filing for bankruptcy offers a way to make this happen. After filing, creditor harassment will end, and here are a few things to understand about this.

Your phone will stop ringing

One of the biggest forms of relief people often find just after filing their Chapter 7 bankruptcy documents is relief from phone calls. If your phone usually rings all day long with calls from creditors, you will suddenly notice a huge difference. Your phone will stop ringing because your creditors will stop calling you. If you cannot handle all these phone calls anymore, you should know that filing for bankruptcy will stop them from occurring.

Your mailbox will not be full of debt-collection letters

Secondly, do you find that your mailbox is full of demand letters and statements every day? If so, you can also expect this to end. After filing for Chapter 7, your mailbox might be practically empty each day instead of being full of letters from your creditors. Your creditors will no longer mail you any letters, statements, or demands once you file for Chapter 7.

How bankruptcy puts an end to all of this

In bankruptcy, there is an order the court will issue that forces your creditors to stop all forms of contact with you, and this is called an automatic stay. It is the automatic stay that forces your creditors to cease all communications with you. Your creditors cannot legally contact you in any way once they receive news about your bankruptcy filing, and they will receive this news shortly after you submit your bankruptcy documents.

If a creditor still makes contact with you after you filed your bankruptcy documents, you should give them the name of your lawyer and explain the situation. You should also notify your lawyer about this, as your creditors are breaking the law if they contact you in any way during your Chapter 7 bankruptcy case.

If you cannot handle any more creditor harassment and do not have the money you need to pay your debts, contact a bankruptcy lawyer today to learn more about your options with bankruptcy.