How Auto Accident Lawyers Determine Fault

Did you know that the location of damage on your vehicle has a lot to do with the determination of fault in your car accident? Determining fault is the process of determining who will be responsible to pay for damages after an accident. If you are not at fault for the accident, you may be owed compensation for damages, injuries, and other expenses.

Not sure who is at fault for an accident? The damage left on the vehicle provides essential clues, as do many other signs. Here's what your attorney will look at.

Your Attorney Reviews the Police Report

The police report you filed immediately after the auto accident will take note of any traffic violations involved in the incident. If one driver received a ticket because he or she violated the law while driving, there is a good chance that person played some responsibility in the car accident, perhaps by speeding, running a stop sign, or being aggressive. Your attorney will bring up this citation in court to prove the other driver was at fault.

Your Attorney Will Determine the Kind of Accident

Often, the driver who hits another vehicle from the back is at fault for the incident. Rear-end accidents are often the result of inattentive or fast drivers. While this is not always the case, your attorney will use this information to consider the many options that could have led to the accident.

Your Attorney Will Review Other Evidence

Of course, police officers may overlook some of the facts of the matter. For this reason, he or she will examine any other evidence compiled at the scene of the accident. This includes dash cam technology, photos of the scene, and the physical damage of your car. They may even look at skid marks on the ground and speak with individuals who witnessed the accident firsthand.

Your Attorney Will Consult with Experts

Next, your attorney may request to speak with an expert he or she can hire to take the stand in your defense. The expert will provide fact-based testimony that helps the jury or judge determine fault.

Do you have an accident to deal with? You need to hire a qualified auto accident attorney to review your case and gather evidence. Your auto accident attorney will look for any evidence that will corroborate your story and help you receive compensation you deserve after an auto accident. Help is available.