An Overview Of Aggravated DUI

DUI charges are not created equal; the charges exist in various forms. One of these is aggravated DUI; a brief overview of this is given below.

What It Means

An aggravated DUI charge is a DUI charge that the authorities consider more serious than normal DUI. The seriousness of aggravated DUI charges is likely to lead to harsher sentences upon conviction than normal DUI charges.

Aggravating Factors

The aggravating factors are the things that can elevate your DUI charges from normal charges to aggravated charges. For example, you may be charged with aggravated DUI if any of the following things apply:

  1. Your BAC (blood alcohol content) is way higher than the legal BAC limit – This is because a higher BAC means a greater impairment that increases your risk on the road.
  2. You were driving while intoxicated in a school zone – The combination of your intoxication and the poor judgment of kids increases the risk of accidents, and you are more to blame as the adult in the situation.
  3. You caused a DUI accident – Driving while intoxicated is a crime, but driving while intoxicated and causing an accident is even more serious.
  4. You were carrying a minor – Minors are protected by the government because their minds are not fully developed to distinguish right from wrong. Carrying a minor while intoxicated puts the minor in a dangerous situation that they have nothing to do with.
  5. You are an underage drinker – Many young people are inexperienced drivers, and this inexperience makes them risky drivers. The combination of inexperience and intoxication is even more dangerous; besides, underage drinking is also illegal.

The above are just a few factors that can elevate your DUI charges; there are many more. Generally, most illegal acts or acts that increase your danger to other road users can make your charges more serious.

The Consequences

As previously mentioned, the main consequence of aggravated DUI is that it attracts higher penalties than normal DUI. For example, your risk of getting incarcerated is higher if you are facing aggravated charges than if you are facing normal charges. You face the risk of long prison sentences, huge monetary fines, lengthy license suspension, and even vehicle seizure if convicted of aggravated charges. The specific penalties depend on state laws and specific aggravating factors.

The best way to avoid aggravated DUI charges is to avoid any form of drunk driving at all. If you do get arrested and charged with DUI, you deserve the right to defend yourself just like other criminal suspects. Consult a criminal lawyer or call a firm like Shefferman Law to get help today.