3 Tips For Ordering Case File Jackets For Your New Law Firm

There are many steps that have to be taken when you are opening your own law firm, including the process of ordering supplies. For example, you need to order case file jackets for your new business. Remember these three things when it's time to order these supplies.

1. Consider Going With a General Format

Although you might have a pretty good idea of the types of cases that you want to take on with your new law firm, you might not be totally sure of the type of client base that you will attract. Therefore, you might not want to order attorney case file jackets that are designed for certain types of cases. Instead, you might want to stick with general format case file jackets for now since you can use them for all types of cases and paperwork.

2. Consider Having Them Customized

Standard case file jackets that don't have a law firm's name or information on them can work just fine for handling legal documents. This does not mean that it's not worth it to look into ordering customized case file jackets, however. Having your new law firm's name, logo, phone number, website information, and other basic information printed on all of your case file jackets might just be a good idea. Then, you can focus on marketing and branding your new law firm, which can go a long way toward helping it grow. Plus, your clients will probably find that having this information close at hand will be very convenient for them when you are handling their cases, too.

3. Order More Than You Think You Need

As someone who is just starting out with your own law firm, you might not really see the need to purchase too many case file jackets at one time. After all, you might not even have any clients yet. However, hopefully, your law firm will grow in the months after you open it. You don't want to find that you don't have enough supplies to maintain a professional appearance or to stay organized when you're running your new law firm, of course. Therefore, you will probably want to go ahead and stock up on things like attorney's case file jackets now. Plus, as an added bonus, you will have one less thing to worry about ordering later on, when your business is picking up. You might also be able to get your attorney's case file jackets for a lower price per jacket if you order a lot of them at once, too.

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