Bail Misconceptions: Learn the Truth

Bail may not exactly be the topic of conversation at your next party or around the water cooler. Unfortunately, several misunderstandings about bail can only make things more difficult when the need to use it arises. Read on and learn the truth about bail.

  1. Bail is the same thing as a bail bond. Bail and bail bonds are very different though they both accomplish the same things. Bail is based on several factors like the charges, the defendant's criminal record, and more. On the other hand, a bail bond is a percentage of the bail and is available at a business outside of the court system.
  2. Bail bonding agents set bail. Bail can only be set by the judge. The bail bonding agent has nothing to do with the amount of the bail and cannot change it. Only the judge can adjust the bail amount. If your bail is too high, speak to a criminal defense lawyer for help with bail issues.
  3. Bail bonds make it easier for criminals to get out of jail. Bail amounts and whether a defendant gets bail is the judge's decision. Bail bonding agencies simply allow people to be free until their trial date occurs in a more affordable way. Defendants who are determined to be a danger to the public will not be offered bail in the first place and will remain in jail.
  4. Bail bonding agents are sketchy characters. This is one misconception that refuses to die. Bail bonding agencies are usually found in clean, safe, and convenient locations, and the agents are friendly and accommodating. While they must be careful about how they operate the business, bail bonding agents will do everything they can to get someone released from jail so that they can work on their criminal case from outside of the jail.
  5. Staying in jail can help shorten the sentence. While some people do use "time served" to help fulfill a sentence, it's not the best way to wait for a court date. Jails are dangerous and crowded, and defendants could wait months for the court date to happen.
  6. After you get bailed out, you are completely free. Bail comes with conditions that must be followed, or the defendant can be put back in jail. That usually means not only appearing at court hearings but also other things like remaining in the area, not carrying weapons, staying away from alleged victims, and more. Violations can lead to the revocation of the bail.

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