Deportation Defense Attorney: Why You Should Hire One

Facing a deportation case due to criminal charges is a stressful experience for immigrants as they risk losing their jobs, education scholarships, or separation from family members. At the same time, defending yourself against deportation charges is challenging due to reasons such as limited knowledge of immigration laws and the language barrier. Thus, you need the services of a deportation defense attorney. These lawyers handle deportation cases and help you build the strongest defense possible. The following are reasons you should consider hiring a deportation defense attorney when facing criminal charges. 

Vast Knowledge and Experience in Deportation Cases

Immigration cases need an expert attorney with knowledge and experience in laws, regulations, and procedures to avoid mistakes and increase the chances of success in your case. Hiring a deportation defense attorney helps you with that. With their legal training and experience, they know all the rules and paperwork required, and they will thoroughly challenge and investigate the prosecution's evidence. They also analyze your case and advise on your options based on the prosecution's evidence. For instance, if there is overwhelming evidence against you, they may suggest you take a plea deal and surrender some privileges rather than going through the trial process and risk deportation. They also guide you on do's and don'ts during the trial to avoid jeopardizing your case.

Maximum Concentration on Your Case

One of the main drawbacks of relying on a public defender is that they handle too many cases at a time. That affects their concentration level due to pressure to sort the other cases. They may miss crucial information that can hugely impact the hearing outcome. On the other hand, private deportation attorneys dedicate their time to your case for two key reasons. First, you pay legal fees according to the time they spend on your case, and second, they have fewer caseloads. They pay attention to detail and help build a strong defense strategy for your hearing to ensure you avoid losing your immigration status. 

Leverage Their Good Relationship With Prosecutors and Judges

It may seem awkward for a defense attorney to develop a good relationship with prosecutors and judges because of the perceptions that they are adversaries in a deportation case. However, the relationship between the three parties is crucial in how the court handles your deportation hearing. For instance, deportation hearings have strict bail terms as there is the risk of the defendants going missing and avoiding attending court. The stringent bail conditions include high bail amounts, movement restrictions, uncomfortable monitoring, and demand for too much information (some of which may take time to gather) for you to get bail. However, many years of working with judges and prosecutors instill excellent trust levels for a deportation attorney to negotiate less complex bail terms.`