3 Types Of Medical Malpractice Claims A Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help You To Pursue

Patients who visit a health facility expect to be examined and treated correctly. They trust that doctors have the experience to perform these procedures and eliminate their pain. While most physicians adhere to the standards of care set by the industry, some fail to do so, causing a patient's condition to worsen. If you're a victim of medical negligence, you can be eligible for reimbursement. Personal injury lawyers handle these cases often and can help you get a financial award for your losses. Here are three types of medical malpractice claims they'll help you seek.


A physician may fail to recognize the illness a patient is suffering from. This may cause the patient to receive the wrong treatment and incorrect prescriptions, leading to complications or disabilities. In some cases, a patient's condition may become untreatable or lead to wrongful death. It doesn't matter whether the doctor made a mistake in judgment, was careless, or didn't have enough information. If the misdiagnosis resulted in injuries, you can sue them and their facility for negligence.

A lawyer can sue the medical practitioner who caused your misfortunes for failing to provide an adequate standard of care. They'll review your treatment records and interview witnesses to obtain proof to build a strong claim on your behalf. These professionals will also assist you in recovering damages for the pain, emotional trauma, and financial losses you've suffered as a result of the malpractice.

Surgical Mistakes

Surgeries are vital because they can be life-saving. However, when a surgeon makes a mistake during this process, you can suffer from serious, if not fatal, complications. Some surgery blunders a physician can make include leaving instruments or sponges in your body, performing the wrong procedure on you, operating on the wrong body part, and nicking an organ or blood vessel.

Lawyers know the evidence to use to prove a surgeon was reckless. They'll interview the individuals who were in the operating room with you, analyze surveillance footage, and request your medical records. If they determine that your surgeon was at fault, they'll work to get the reimbursement you deserve.

Prescription Drug Errors

Taking the wrong medication can lead to severe health complications. This condition can be made worse if the medicine interacts with other drugs you are taking. If you are injured because a doctor gave you the incorrect prescription for your condition, contact a lawyer. They'll work with medical specialists to prove that the mistake was due to negligence. They'll also defend your rights and ensure you obtain a favorable reimbursement.

If you're a medical negligence victim, don't hesitate to contact a personal injury lawyer. They'll hold the reckless doctor accountable and ensure you receive enough compensation that can cover your losses. For more information, contact a firm like Hamilton Law Firm, P.C.