Can You File An Accident Claim Without A Police Report?

You need the right information and follow the right channels to get and maximize your auto accident compensation. Do not rely on myths or misconceptions. For example, some believe you need a police report to file an auto accident claim. But is that true?

You Can File a Claim Without a Police Report

You can file an auto accident claim without a police report. A police report is not one of the requirements for filing auto accident claims. Moreover, a police report is usually not even admissible as evidence in court since it is hearsay. In legal corridors, hearsay is an out-of-court statement made by someone who is not available for cross-examination.

But a Police Report Can Strengthen Your Claim

Although you can file an injury claim without a police report, consider getting the report before filing your claim. You might not need a police report to file a claim, but having one can strengthen your case in multiple ways. For example:

  • The police report will contain witness information that you can use to track down witnesses who can corroborate your story.
  • Insurance companies are aware that people commit insurance fraud, and getting a police report is one of the ways to minimize the suspicion of fraud.
  • Many states have laws that require those involved in auto accidents to report to the police, a process that inevitably generates a police report.
  • The report contains vital facts that you can use to refresh your memory of the accident later.

In most cases, the police will come to the accident scene and interview the victims and witnesses before generating a report. You can also file your case at the police station if the police do not come to the accident scene.

How to Get a Copy of the Police Report

If you are lucky and are not seriously hurt, then the police officers manning the accident scene will give you the documentation you can use to track down the police report. However, that is impossible if you are seriously hurt (for example, leaving the scene unconscious). In such a case, contact the local police division responding to the crash for a copy of the report.

The best way to ensure you have everything you need for an auto accident claim is to involve an auto accident lawyer. Moreover, most injury lawyers charge contingency fees, which means you don't pay any fee out of pocket if you don't get a monetary settlement or judgment.

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