Moving On With Your Life Begins With A Great Divorce Party!

Divorces can be a long, painful process that leaves many feeling sad and disappointed. Don't let your divorce define you or derail your future; throw yourself a great divorce party! These are becoming a popular way to move past the heartbreak of divorce and get a fresh start. Some tips for throwing a great divorce party and moving past your break-up include the following. Wait until the dust settles.

Can First-Time Offenders Avoid Having a Criminal Record?

In most cases, legal forms of punishment like a jail sentence or probation are not intended to be permanent. However, even minor crime convictions come with one very permanent effect: a criminal record. Your criminal record follows you for the rest of your life, and it can prevent you from getting jobs, renting apartments, being accepted to universities, and other things that can seriously impact your ability to succeed in life.

2 Ways To Help Your Child Custody Case

If you are a divorced parent who is worried that your ex-spouse may be neglecting or abusing your child, you may want to start seeking full custody of your child and limit the amount of visitation that they get. However, you can't just arbitrarily make the decision to take custody or stop visitation. If you don't send your child to their other parent when they are supposed to go, then you can end up in trouble.

Two Social Security Myths That Can Ruin Your Retirement

A lot of people have a lot of things to say about Social Security benefits. However, not everything that may be floating around in the public consciousness about this program is true. If you want to ensure you're well prepared for retirement, it's important you have accurate information upon which to base your decision making. Here's the truth about two common myths about Social Security. Myth #1 - Social Security Is Going Bankrupt

Key Terms To Know In A Personal Injury Case

If you can't see your target, you have to depend on luck to hit your target. If you do not understand how the law defines a personal injury case, you are metaphorically shooting at an unseen target. Thus, your first step when you consider filing a personal injury lawsuit is to understand how the law defines the situation that would allow you to file a suit. Negligence Most personal injury cases hinge on the idea that someone failed to perform some act and that said failure led to the injuries sustained by the plaintiff.