Why Was Your Workers' Comp Claim Denied?

If you had recently experienced an injury or illness at work, you should be entitled to disability benefits from your workers' compensation policy. Unfortunately, some of these claims are denied either by your employer or the insurance company. If this happens, you will need to file an appeal for your claim. Before you do that, it helps to know the reasons why a workers' comp claim might be denied. Employer Dispute

The Insanity Defense – Two Successful Examples And The Necessary Proof

What are some of the most unusual insanity defenses you have heard of? Below are two examples of insanity defenses that worked. Do you think they would work where you live? Irresistible Impulse A woman alleged that her husband had raped her on the night of June 23, 1993. She claimed that her husband had come home after an evening of drinking and sexually assaulted her. When he was sleeping, she went into the kitchen, grabbed a carving knife and cut off his penis.

Slow Down! 3 Tips If You Are Pulled Over For A Traffic Stop

If you are ever pulled over for speeding or another traffic violation, it is important that you act in the proper manner. Remaining calm while pulled over will ensure a smooth and uneventful experience. Here are some tips: Pull Over in a Safe Area Once you notice a patrol car behind you with its lights and sirens on, make every effort to pull over as quickly as you can. Pull over to the right as far as you can to allow the officer some space to get next to your window so he or she won't have to worry about getting hit by a passing car.