3 Tips For Hiring Better Employees

Hiring the wrong person is not just bad for your other employees' morale, but it can also prove costly. The process to recruit, hire, and train the right candidate takes time and money. The best way to cut your employment expenses is to focus on hiring the right people from the start. Here are some ways that you can do just that.   Provide Clear Expectations for Job Responsibilities One of the reasons that potentially good employees turn into poor employees is that they are incapable of completing the job duties that are assigned to them.

Who Pays For Car Accident Pain?

After an auto accident, you might be left with a lot of pain from whiplash. Getting compensation for your pain is a bit of a complex process, but here are some of the steps you can take. Get a Medical Evaluation The first thing you should do is get a medical evaluation. This will document very clearly that you sustained some injuries directly after the car accident. You might also discover new injuries that you hadn't sought treatment for.

How to Get Federal Education Funding with a DUI on Your Record

A driving under the influence (DUI) conviction can mess up your chances of getting financial aid for your education. Therefore, if you intend to apply for college financing, and you have been charged with DUI, you need to focus on minimizing the effect on your financial aid chances. Here are some helpful measures: Avoid Drug Charges A DUI isn't a drug charge, but it's usually accompanied by a drug charge. For example, if you are suspected of having a controlled substance at the time of your DUI stop, you will face both DUI and possession charges.

Need Help With a Divorce But Can't Afford a Lawyer? 3 Options to Consider

Going through a divorce is not only a stressful time, but can be expensive. While it is always best to hire an experienced divorce lawyer if one of you is contesting the initial divorce filing, sometimes there is just no money to do so. There are, however, a number of resources available to you that can help you get through the situation with no, or very little cost. Whether you are the one that does the initial filing, or you have been served with divorce papers, here are a few things you can do to help things move along.

Quick Relief: What to Know About Automatic Stays

It's not just the overwhelming accumulation of debt that sends filers rushing to file for chapter 7 bankruptcy: the threat of losing property, harassment by bill collectors, and lack of a place to live can also figure heavily in that decision. A bankruptcy filing provides a unique method of putting an immediate stop to certain activities, which lends quick relief and peace. You should know however, that the relief of a bankruptcy filing, which employs something called the automatic stop, doesn't extend to every single debt or issue.